Twig Marketing


Twig Marketing was established in 2010 and moved its head office to Shepparton in 2015, precisely because we were doing more work with regional organisations and wanted to focus on doing a lot more work in regional Australia. While we continue to do a lot of work in the higher education space, the regional emphasis of our business is growing fast.

Rocketshop was established in 2020 as an arm of Twig Marketing, with an exclusive focus on delivering high quality marketing, branding and strategy to rural and regional clients. We are a Shepparton-based country agency seeking to deliver a new benchmark for services to country clients.

As a result, we have launched a new arm of Twig Marketing called Rocketshop, dedicated solely to working with regional and rural clients. We have researched our own brand position with regional stakeholders for the past three years, but elected to finally separate the two areas of our business because there was significant evidence of client confusion in response to our brand presence.

We have in fact been focused on regional branding for 10 years as Twig Marketing, but now are delivering the same quality of service with an exclusive focus on country clients through Rocketshop.