Here at Rocketshop, we work closely with you to create a cohesive and relaxed environment that allows you to work together with us to build, grow and succeed.

Working with us gives you access to many resources

Marketing & Strategy

Find your footing in rapidly-evolving markets. Partner with us to develop a unique evidence-based marketing strategy that inspires your audience to action.

Market Research

Understand what your key audiences are really thinking – and let us build an evidence-based strategy so you can improve outcomes.

Photography & Videography

Turn your content ideas until reality with traditional photos & videos for social media content, print media, website, conference presentation & sales presentations.

Aerial Photography & Videography

Stunning aerial photos and videos to give your business the extar edge.

Organisational Reviews

We analyse the structure and function of your entire organisation, or specific areas – and specialise in improving effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing and sales teams.

Websites & Digital Campaigns

You need a site to delight and posts that don’t just set your people yawning. We both want your online presence to be fresh and effective – no time to delay!

Media Training
& PR

Presentations, pitches and crises each become easier to handle with strategy and expert training.

A complete overhaul of Ray Dobson’s branding and fresh new marketing strategies with the aim of reaching new audiences.

What we did: