Welcome to Rocketshop.

Proudly born in Shepparton, proudly serving rural and regional Australia.

As a part of Twig Marketing, which has been serving regional Australians for 10 years, we understand the importance of value, facts and authenticity.

We work with organisations across regional Australia to attract residents, grow revenue and engage.

Take off on the journey with us – the Rocketshop Crew.

Country Life
The 21st century Australian Pioneer

At 5am, as Gei Lin Thang Kinta wipes down the counter in the silent Bright Brewery, it can seem a long way to Mindat, a …

Country Life
Maternity leave leads to a buzzing business

Maternity leave usually comes to an end with a new …

Country Life
Are these Australia’s best mushrooms?

Nobody knows exactly why the hilltop area around the southern …

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